E-RoadMap Corporation (ERM) is a nonprofit organization devoted to the enrichment and empowerment of young minds to ensure the building blocks of a sustainable future.

Among the organization's initiatives is Operation No Food Gap (ONFG).  The initiative creates and implements comprehensive, sustainable, and community-based solutions that work to eradicate food deserts in low-income and underserved communities throughout

Palm Beach County.

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Absorb personal development philosophies to positively shift thinking habits


Financial Literacy

Develop life skills, healthy coping skills around money & decision-making skills



Instilling a sense of respect & responsibility for one’s self, family, community and authority figures.


Health & Wellness

Introducing youth to avenues that help combat stress from a holistic approach.


E-RoadMap Corporation (ERM) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization devoted to the enrichment and empowerment of young minds to ensure the building blocks of a sustainable future.


Studies show long term findings on how people feel about themselves when they’re in poverty. They are less confident in their ability to succeed, leading to decreased professional and educational attainment, depression and anxiety.  Believing themselves to be fundamentally flawed, any achievement is tempered by a lack of confidence and subconscious self-loathing.

We believe in an overhaul of thinking and a reprogramming of the youth from a positive perspective through a holistic and wholeness approach.

We achieve our mission through (4) verticals:



-Financial Literacy

-Health and Wellness

We facilitate the information through customization of curriculum specifically tailored to the organization's needs. ERM hosts workshops, bootcamps, community events, webinars, online learning models and 8-16 week classroom instruction. 

Our target population is under served, "at-potential" youth ages 5-18, with an additional framework for 18-24 year old young adults.  We choose not to label our youth as "disadvantaged." Our theory is that youth are right on the cusp of their potential yet are often times distracted by their environments. 90% of our population served come from families living at or below poverty level standards. However, our aim is to remind them that their minds and futures are full of abundance. 

Sponsors and Community Partners

We LOVE our volunteers. If you have a desire to helpwe have a space for you at ERM.  Whether you are an adult seeking ways to get involved with educating youth or a teen looking to gain volunteer hours, we have many opportunities available.


Have an idea? Would you like to get to know us better? We'd love to include you in our Tribe of Change Agents! Say hello. 

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Donors & Sponsors

We are always in need of donations or in-kind support for our organization. There are many ways we can serve youth while recognizing your company.

In-kind and monetary donations are not just needed but greatly appreciated.

Contact our organization at:

 to discuss corporate sponsorship and in-kind donation opportunities.