Veleke´ Brown is an educator, organizer, social innovator and a connector with a focus on youth development.


She founded E-Roadmap Corporation, a 501c3 nonprofit that works with after-school programs, school systems and various organizations to empower and equip youth with life-altering unique skills to eradicate poverty of mind.

Fueled by her passion for personal self-development, all curriculum design is created in-house with a strong emphasis on the methodology needed to ensure youth not only learn the information, but comprehend, apply and change.

You can find Veleké in the classroom, at the local City Hall or on the front lines feeding the homeless. She is a frequent facilitator delivering content on: Doing the Consciousness Work: Empowerment Pedagogy for Black and Brown Youth.

She is a native of Petersburg, Virginia and a proud graduate of  Virginia State University also earning a certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University.


"There is always the next level until you take your final breath.” My next level is Generation Y & Z. The desire to pay forward ideas, wisdom and support is what makes me feel human.  E-Roadmap is my way of creating more smiles of success and less tears of regret.”

-Veleké Brown, CEO & Founder


These Magic Makers are an intricate part of the E-Roadmap empowerment mission.

Please learn more about our Board, Staffed and Volunteer Members.

Veleke Brown
CEO & Founder
Seabron Smith
Board Member
Mariemilia Larrea
Advocate Volunteer

Psychology student interested in a case planning for children and advocate programs and curriculums.
Sean Terrell
Young Male Initiatives Coordinator

An internationally recognized as an investor with great instincts for commercially innovative & viable businesses & for a long track record of growing successful companies and individuals.

Has a unique approach to strategy & creating value with diverse enterprises ranging from startup ventures & mature public companies to supporting social cause related organizations & charitable non-profits.
Janiya Breeden


15-year old high school student from Scotland County, North Carolina. Janiya is an amazing illustrator and contributor to ERM. She is also in the process of developing her business through the ERM Entrepreneurship platform.
Judith Johnson Hostler
Board Member

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist with a Master's Degree in Counseling. A seasoned counselor with over 20 years of experience. My career focus has directed towards gender responsive care, working with women who are pregnant or parenting & have a Substance Use Disorder. In my currently role, I serve as a consultant for Public Health/Women's Health Branch & the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disability & Substance Abuse Services MH/DD/SAS both of North Carolina.
Meghan Keown
Social Media Coordiator

Meg Keown is a junior Sport and Recreation Management major with a General Business minor at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree and expected to graduate in May 2019.

During her time spent working in the sport industry, Meg has developed an appreciation and passion for the cross-section of sport and philanthropy. Meg is volunteering at ERoadMap to further exercise this passion. She brings with her, a proficiency in
Juan Carlos Rodriguez

A self motivated & goal oriented engineer & strategist. Highlighting 19 years of experience in production, system input-output analysis, process management & business development within the public & private sectors for military defense, communications, human capital, renewable energies, biotechnology & agricultural systems.

Seeking innovation & sustainable economies via seamless collaborations to scale & & intrinsic value towards our coexistence & evolution.
Edwin Haynes
Board Member

Haynes Global Services
Edwin Haynes is an internationally respected and celebrated business man from Houston, TX. He is known for his unmatched track record of helping others succeed, passion for giving and being a true business leader. For the last 20 years, Edwin Haynes has been worldly known as a successful business coach and also as a successful business owner that caters to the Oil & Gas Industry, Upstream/Midstream/Downstream.
Dorothy Ellington
Board Member

Delray Beach Housing Authority
Sulaiman Rahman
Board Member

A social entrepreneur who has a passion for empowering professionals & entrepreneurs to achieve personal and professional success while giving back through civic/community involvement. My favorite quote by John C. Maxwell states that "success is when you add value to self, & significance is when you add value to others." I utilize my time and talents to pursue success & significance while helping others to do the same.
Ellis Liddell
Board Member

ELE Wealth Management, LLC

Securities offered through ELE Wealth Advisors, INC. member FINRA. Advisory services offered through ELE Wealth Advisory Services,LLC. ELE Wealth Advisors, INC. and ELE Advisory Services, LLC are affiliated through common ownership and control.
Myriam Glemaud
Board Member

FoundCare Inc.
Specialized in Health psychology, working with adult and geriatric population in hospitals, ALF, SNF settings. I am also specialized in providing culturally sensitive psychological assessment and intervention, mostly with the Haitian population.
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