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Shark Tank 

Shark Tank is an experience like none other for youth. The teens spend 4 months developing their ideas into businesses ready for execution. The event is showcased in various communities of stakeholders encouraging individuality and entrepreneurship. 

YouthLed Summit 

YouthLed Summits are created by our EIT’s Executives-In-Training. Our #TeenPreneurs develop break-out sessions designed to focused on mental toughness, image and overall self-esteem. The wonderful thing about this summit is ERM teens teach other teens. Full circle evolution. 

Youth Empowerment Luncheon

YELs allow us to connect with more youth in the community. ERM provides lunch and handouts for discussion. Teens work in a collaborative effort discussing S.M.A.R.T. goals and they also produce solutions to countywide issues. The solutions are presented to public officials for consideration. To date 21 teens have been impacted.

Entrepreneurship Concept Program

ECP is a highly accelerated crash course in entrepreneurship.  Teens develop ideas, a business plan, splash commercials and marketing material. The concept is presented and tips are shared from community. Similar to 1Million Cups

Impeccable Me Workshops

Impeccable Me workshops are all about teaching Generations Y&Z self -efficacy, strengthening their social and emotional learning through various exercises. This power-packed workshop is layered with vision board exercises, Me- commercial and other games. Youth walk away empowered, excited and engaged.

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