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Who We Serve

ERM partners with youth empowerment centers, after-school programs, for profit and nonprofit organizations. Wherever there are kids, so are we!

ERM is an innovative space where youth and entrepreneurship coexist. ERM offers a comprehensive array of holistic programs focused on leadership, personal development, empowerment and fulfillment. These carefully designed methodologies assist in supplementing the identified rift among youth while stimulating them to achieve their maximum potential.   


ERM’s enrichment programs include trauma mediation due to social and emotional learning, bullying and sexting curriculums. To reinforce its personal development and empowerment focus, ERM offers entrepreneurial development coaching with emphasis on business fundamentals, etiquette, strategy and financial literacy.


ERM’s programs aim to instill and entrust our youth with the necessary tools that enable them to properly address and solve the current problems they are confronted with.  These challenges include extremely low entry-level salaries, minimum wage jobs, and access to healthcare creating an underlining demand and necessity for ERM’s programs.  

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